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Your premium supplier of luxury-coloured taps

A multiple-award winning, Australian, family-owned company that designs and manufactures Premium Architectural Taps in a range of finishes, including Matte Black, Champagne, Tiger Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Shadow and Chrome; all engineered with the assistance of leading architects and designers, with an emphasis on modern elegance and clean lines.

Since 2012, the Meir brand has built a reputable name in design and manufacturing premium bathroom and kitchen products which includes showers, taps and sinks and more. We create each piece from concept to production at the highest standards using DZR brass and selecting only the greatest quality European parts and components from Switzerland, Hungary, and Spain, which allows us to provide an outstanding 15-year warranty.

Our philosophy is based on our primary brand value of “We are family” and our reason for existence is to help people love their home.

We take pride in knowing we've contributed to each customer’s journey of transforming a house into a home and can see how grateful our customers are with not only our products, but the care and commitment that we give unconditionally.

Why Meir?

  1. Globally Trusted Brand
    With a global presence and worldwide distribution network in key locations, Meir have helped millions of people across the globe love their homes.
  2. Elegance In Exceptional Finishes
    With an unrivalled and bespoke colour range, Meir offers 6 elegant and exceptional finishes, each one crafted using superior materials and quality components.
  3. Premium Quality
    Manufactured according to the highest quality standards, Meir solutions are crafted with market leading European parts and components, which allows us to provide an outstanding 15-year warranty.
  4. On-Trend Design Pairings
    With an elegant and timeless range, Meir solutions provide statement finishes that compliment on-trend design styles. Paired with colour matched combinations, Meir solutions enhance your overall design aesthetic.
  5. Stock On Hand
    Utilising our global network and best in class distribution channels, Meir ensures the solution you desire is always on hand or ready to ship when needed.

Elegance In Exceptional Finishes

Striking With Intensity, Crafted With Depth

New to our range, the bespoke finish embodies individuality ensuring Shadow is as unique as you. The finish has been crafted with depth that perfectly pairs with stone, timber, natural elements, and concrete. Combining a striking blend of charcoal grey and rustic blue, Shadow produces a sophisticated look unlike anything else. Shadow adds an intensity while remaining familiar, making it incredibly versatile.


Matte Black

Contemporary Silhouettes Meet Structural Definition
Matte Black

Subtle yet elegant, our signature Matte Black finish pushes the boundaries of luxury taps. Exuding sleek structure and elegance, the finish subtly accentuates natural textures like marble and timber.

Be Transfixed By Texture
Tiger Bronze

A nuanced finish created from a brushed black undercoating adorned in gold, providing a glorious midas touch. Harness the power of precious metal motifs to highlight both modern pastel palettes and more classic colour schemes.

Tiger Bronze


Luxury Meets Levity

Set the benchmark for stylish living with a finish that exudes a sense of fluidity and versatility. The effervescence of rose-gold brings a new luxury to brass, and the result is brilliant. Pair Champagne with pale timber, earthy tiling, and an abundance of natural light for maximum impact.

An Unmistakable Choice
Brushed Nickel

This chameleon finish is exceptional in a range of interior settings and palettes, offering striking aesthetics in every instance. Whether your space is commercial or closer to home, our PVD Brushed Nickel range is crafted using premium materials and the utmost care. Scheme with oak and earthy palettes for the greatest appeal.

Brushed Nickel

Polished Chrome

Traditional And Timeless
Polished Chrome

An essential selection in both modern and classic homes. This finish delivers form and function, serving understated style through contemporary design. Its versatility, practicality and personality see this finish thriving for decades to come.

Meir Bathroom Trends For 2022

2022 has been an exciting year for bathroom renovations and makeovers. Here are the standout design trends from Meir customers and leading industry professionals to inspire your next bathroom project and transform your home.

  1. Ahead Of The Curve
  2. Round taps magically capture a room's lighting to create depth and dimension, creating visual interest intriguing at every angle. By opting for curved contours rather than square shapes, timeless style can be achieved, producing a sense of elegance and luxury.

  3. Colour Rush
  4. Incorporating a splash of colour with trendy tap finishes, creates a bold statement whilst allowing personal style to shine. With such captivating finishes available to choose from in the Meir range, taps act as a beautiful hero piece, complementing other materials whilst elevating its surroundings.

  5. Perfect Pairings
  6. We are seeing more customers striving for ambitious designs in the bathroom with natural materials being prominently featured. The likes of marble, Terrazzo and timber create a statement finish when paired with luxurious fixtures and finishes to complete a bespoke look.

  7. Design Styles
  8. We are witnessing customers gravitating toward design styles like Hamptons Coastal, Farmhouse Rustic or Modern Minimalist. The beauty of choosing colour finishes allows customers to create their dream aesthetic and bring those styles to life, how they envisage, to suit their home their way.